Well done!
Rebecca on Jan 26, 2017
It has made my daughter begging me to let her go to school in her night gown.



Comfy and pretty too!!
Manuela Cripps on Jan 26, 2017
My daughter wears her leopard night dress all the time to the point she refuses to change into normal clothes on the weekend!! Time to stock up on some new ones!



Anna Kleine on Jan 25, 2017
Wonderful design and fabric :)!



Daughter´s favourite!
Malin on Jan 24, 2017
Best nightdress ever!!! is our daughter´s verdict.


Soft and perfect fit!
Jens Christiansson on Jan 24, 2017
My daughter loves the nightdress she got for christmas from granddad and grandmom. I can highly recommend this product because of the softness and the good quality. It has a perfect fit and she loves the fact that the sleeves can be long and cover a part of her hands. My daughter is really happy in her nightdress. :-)


Beautiful print, great quality that washes well.
Cecilia on Jan 24, 2017
My kids love their gowns. They are well made nightdresses that are beautifully thick, soft, warm and comfortable. I love the feature with the foldable cuffs : )



My daughter goes nuts when I throw it in the wash!
Lisa on Jan 24, 2017
My daughters first nightgown from Beau & Rooster and she truly (and madly) loves it!! She has worn it close to every night since she got it and threw a complete fit the other day when it was in the wash! Needless to say I've now ordered a second one, hopefully arriving at any moment. :) My daughter has a lot of eczmea and the soft quality of this nightware does wonders for her itchy skin. Btw, it washes really well, I throw it in the tumbler all the time and no sign of fading or pilling at all so far. Love it!



Amazing nightdress!
Linda, Sweden on Jan 28, 2017
This nightdress, just like all the PJs, has the highest quality and comfort. Even after many washes, the softness stays just the same and colors do not fade at all.

The length is great, my daughter will not outgrow it for a long time - also thanks to the foldable sleeves.

The print is beautiful and finally I value and feel good about the organic cotton and entire production of the product.
I warmly recommend this nightdress!



Soft and perfect fit!
Jens Christiansson on Jan 24, 2017
My daughter loves the purple nightdress she got from granddad and grand mom for Christmas. I can highly recommend this product because of the softness and the good quality. It has a perfect fit and she loves the fact that the sleeves can be long and cover a part of her hands. My daughter is really happy in her nightdress. :-)



Best pyjamas ever!
Marina on Jan 24, 2017
My douther's favorite, she refuses to take something else, even during a day:)



Softest nightie ever!
Marta on Mar 13, 2017
My kids love them!



My daughters new favourite
Ebba on Jan 23, 2017
My daughter just love her new pink pyjama! She wants to use it every night! She likes the look of it and has always liked night dresses! After several washes it still feels like new!



The best!
Kristian on Jan 25, 2017
Lovely fabric and pattern!
All three of our girls love their pajamas. Color and size are still the same after washing them, so these are pajamas we definitely recommend!



Love it!
Martin on Jan 24, 2017
Fantastic fabric and beautiful patterns! I would really recommend. Our daughters next will probably be the dragonfly!



Maria on Jan 24, 2017
It just feels right buying Organic clothes for my kids.



Packaging Fab
Mia on Jan 26, 2017
We loved the packaging which was such a surprise and of course then you have the products which are so comfortable, the extra long cuffs is such a great idea and the softness of the fabric is pure bliss for my daughter. We are for sure your new fan. 



Softest PJ ever!
Sofia Wiwen-Nilsson on Jan 23, 2017
I am very pleased with the PJ I bought! It is extremely soft and the the colours and pattern are beautiful. I will buy again soon!



Fantastisk, outstanding, comfy, cool
Anna Palm on Jan 25, 2017
Bästa pyjamasen! Hinner knappt tvätta förrän sonen frågar efter sin igen! Dessutom roligt att mamma, son OCH dotter älskar samma mönster Urban Camo. Så sköna att hänga i dag som natt och det bästa är att barnen, trots åldersskillnad, tycker det är coolt att ha samma! /Anna



Soft and Comfy
Maria on Jan 24, 2017
I got this for my 4 year old girl and we are so happy with it. I was afraid the size 98-104 would be to small but due to the long and foldable cuffs she will be able to wear for quite some time still. Fabric is really soft and looks comfy on her. :)



Coolest nightdress ever!
Sarah on Jan 29, 2017
This print is just amazing and the fabric makes you wanna keep it on all day. Yes, my daughter keep the nightdress on all the time.



Anna Kleine on Jan 25, 2017
Great products, design and fabric :)! Thanks a lot!



Great quality
Marie on Jan 24, 2017
Fitted well and was very comfortably. My daughter loves it and wont take it off! The fabric is really soft and comfortable and it didn't shrink in the wash. Perfect for a good night sleep for my little one.



Perfect gift!
Frida on Feb 28, 2017
My son got the Bugs on Blue PJs as a gift and I absolutely love them! The print is super cool and the quality is great, love that it's made to last and that the material is organic. It also comes in a sleek package that makes it feel extra luxurious!



Rebecca on Jan 26, 2017
My son changes to soft pj's every day when we come home, it's what he's most comfortable in. With this pyjamas I have trouble having him put clothes on when we leave. Solid quality and enticing print!



Super comfortable
Sara Haraldsson on Jan 20, 2017
This is my first Beau & Rooster jammies but definitely not the last. We love and so will you!



Best Christmas gift ever!
Hanna Magnusson on Feb 01, 2017
I bought Night Owl pj and nightdress for my two kids and their five cousins. All in the age of 1,5 - 8 years. The all loved the pj's and nightdresses and on Christmas Eve we had seven little night owls running around.
The quality is amazing and the fabric is really soft. This is by far the best nightwear ever!



Warm, practical, thoughtful
Stephen on Jan 24, 2017
I bought these pyjamas wanting something that was well made, would last the test of time, and was comfortable, stylish and fun. They ticked the boxes on all counts, and I especially loved the long cuffs which allows the kids to elongate them to warm their hands, or to grow into them over time. Nice touch!

One more thing - they are probably the most striking print designs I have seen for childrenswear. I just love them



Fin och skön
Natalie on Jan 23, 2017
En fin och skön pyjamas som har fått mkt beröm. Bra i storlek och håller färgen bra efter tvätt.



AGE 2-4 4-6 6-8 8-10 10+
A-Height 98 / 104 110 / 116 122 / 128 134 / 140 146 / 152
B-Shoulder 25 27,5 30 32,5 35
C-Mid Arm 20 21 22 24 26
D-Chest 61 66 71 76 81
E-Waist 53 56 58 61 65
F-Hip/Seat 58 63 68,5 73,5 79,5
G-Thigh 28 31 33 36 39
H-Calf 25 27 29 33 36
I-Inside Leg 46 53 58 67 72


2-4 98 / 104 cm 3-4 4T 4 100
4-6 110 / 116 cm 5-6 6 6 110
6-8 122 / 128 cm 7-8 7-8 8 120
8-10 134 / 140 cm 9-10 10 10 130
10+ 146 / 152 cm 11-12 12 12 140


To never compromise on how we source our suppliers or choose the materials that are used to produce our garments. Selecting the highest quality yarns and fabrics, working with ethical and sustainably responsible suppliers and staying 100% European made. This is key to our value chain; but it doesn't stop here.
Our values Beau & Rooster

From sourcing and choosing our cotton yarns through to our product design and production, our moral fibres run into every aspect of our business. 

We are extremely proud to say that every single garment we produce is sourced from cotton seeds that are free from genetically modified products, synthetic chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers.

A commitment to our customers to only work with European garment suppliers extends to partnering with suppliers only certified by organisations such as GOTS, OEKO TEX, REACH, The Better Cotton Initiative and are ISO 14001.

European manufacturing allows us to work closely with our suppliers; to be able to visit them regularly and be able to improve our processes hands on. 

Our production quantities are small; we produce less than 300 pieces in each style which means you are buying into small production. We ensure our consumption and order quantities are kept to a minimum so that we don`t over stock, making sure we use our raw material resources in an efficient way.

Long term partnerships with our suppliers are also an essential ingredient to a healthy business. As we grow this will enable us to provide our customers with a consistent level of quality and for us to focus our business on the partnership values we want to share with our suppliers.

Evolving in each and every detail of our business, we like to do things for the greater good.  We question every aspect of what we do, how we do it, why we do it and where we do it. Constantly striving to better our decisions and improve our processes. 

We want our customers to have knowledge about where their products have come from and we aim to be transparent about our supply chain.

We sleep very comfortably at night, so should the kids.


The difference is in the certification. We have a choice to choose from hundreds of European suppliers but we insist on a very high level of certification requirement in order to work with us. This means we can only work with a small proportion of the very best suppliers, its as simple as that, without compromise.

Our commitment to only work with European garment suppliers means they have a legal obligation in accordance with the European Union regulations that cover environmental protection, occupational safety and social & economic responsibility.

Our garment supplier is certified by GOTS, Oeko-Tex, SA-8000, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. Our raw materials supplier works along side key foundations such as The Better Cotton Initiative and The International Textile Manufacturers Association

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Organic products are free from fire retardant chemicals. There is a legal requirement both in and outside the European Union, that sleepwear garments that do not contain fire retardant chemicals should contain the words KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE . 



For specific garment washing instructions, please refer to the product care labels.



Our product care guidelines provide you information on how best to care for your Beau & Rooster garments. 

Follow the care label and all will be ok; but here are some other tips along the way: